Eszter T. Molnár was born in Budapest. She was a decorous child, or at least this is what she keeps telling her children. Initially, she wanted to become a dancer or a comedienne, but gravity pulled her into a scientific career. She dabbled in cell biology, plant taxonomy and genetics, before she decided to focus on molecular immunology. Her results were extremely interesting, though rarely repeatable. She also worked as a high school teacher, managed a graduate school, and wrote scientific grant proposals.

She started writing in her early childhood: first she cheered her family and friends with poems, than she finished the first chapter of several novels. Later she also learnt how to read. Her works grew in the dark, and ventured out from the drawer of her writing desk only in 2014.

Since 2014, she publishes poetry, short stories, reports and translations in literary journals. Her first novel for young adults, Stand-up! (Tilos az Á Könyvek) was published in 2016, and a sequel, Most már igazán followed it soon. A collection of short stories, A számozottak (JAK+PRAE.HU) was published in 2016. Szabadesés (PRAE.HU, 2017) is her first novel for adults.

She is a member of the József Attila Circle, Literary Association od Young Writers (JAK), and of the Szépírók Társasága, the Hungarian Society of Writers, Critics, and Literary Translators.

Since 2006, she lives in Freiburg, Germany with her family and two guinea pigs.